How to Simplify the Installation of a home theater System

Installing home theater systems can be complicated for people who don’t have previous experience. It is always a good idea to hire a professional installer to do the job for you as a safeguard against making mistakes and potentially damaging expensive equipment. Also, a professional installer will be able to fix issues that might occur down the road. If you do the job by yourself then you better have some technical background especially since they are certain problems that can arise when making incorrect connections. However, doing the job yourself can save you some money.

Unfortunately, modern home theater systems require setting up of multiple loudspeakers. This means that you will have to install a fair amount of wiring. Not only will you have to run long speaker cables through your room which by itself can create a lot of clutter but also they are chances that you will make incorrect connections. You can simplify the installation to some degree by using wireless surround sound speaker equipment at or similar devices. …

Figuring out the Difference between Different Amplifier Technologies

Audio amplifiers have come a long way over the last decade. The fundamental technology which is being employed by audio amplifiers has changed drastically and as a result has led to amplifiers becoming smaller and more power efficient. In this article, I will take a look at how amplifiers operate and what distinguishes today’s technologies from previous models.

The biggest difference between amplifiers which are being manufactured nowadays in previous models is the way amplification works. Thanks to a large part two class-D technology, power efficiency of amplifiers has increased dramatically. The main reason for the increased efficiency is the fact that the audio signal is switched between the positive and negative supply rail by a pair of MOSFET transistors. This is quite different from the way amplifiers have operated previously.

Obviously, this signal contains large amount of switching components. These components are generally removed by a low-pass filter which follows the transistor stage at its output. Power efficiency of modern amplifiers is typically more than 90% assuming that the amplifier is …

How Do Electronics Manufacturers Come up with New Ideas?

Different vendors of electronic products outdo each other when it comes to launching new products. The life time of any particular generation of a product has become shorter over the last decade. Sometimes a product can only be sold for several months before its success or hits the shelves. Obviously, manufacturers would have to collect a sufficient number of ideas in order to improve their products and make them stand out from the bunch.

But how do manufacturers come up with their ideas? Well, usually there are marketing people in place who question customers to find out how a product is being perceived by the customer’s. Also, many companies have a customer service department which will give feedback to the design department. However, this will only yields feedback in regard to usability and really will give brand-new ideas for new products. Therefore, they are specialized people in place which try to figure out how a product can be improved.

Rarely will these people bounce these ideas of customers because companies are afraid …